Scientific Members - Field Monitoring

The Field Monitoring of Grantees in the year 2016

No Name of Grantee Institution Research Title Documentation
1. Ariani Dewi Widodo Postgraduate Program, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta Development of Low-Cost Diagnostics Methods in Detecting Nutrient Maldigestion due to Pancreas Exocrine Insufficiency for Children in Low-Resources Areas Ariani Dewi Widodo
2. Susmiati Revalin Postgraduate Program in Biomedicine, Faculty of Medicine, Andalas University, Padang Obesity Associated FTO rs9939609 Gene Variant and the Modifying Effect of Environment Factors in Adolescents of Minangkabau Susmiati Revalin
3. Yuanita Asri Langi Faculty of Medicine, Hasanuddin University, Makassar The Association of Pre Pregnancy BMI, Leptin Resistance-Induced by Human Placental Lactogen, and Maternal Dietary Intakes with Increase of Body Fat on North Sulawesi Pregnant Women Yuanita Asri Langi
4. Erry Yudhya Mulyani Nutrition Program, Faculty of Health Sciences, Esa Unggul University, Jakarta Vitamin A Content of Fortified Unbranded Cooking Oil in the End of Distribution Point up to Households and Its Impact On Vitamin a Status among Preschool Children Erry Yudhya Mulyani
5. Inge Permadhi Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta Effect of enhanced counseling using complementary feeding recommendation (CFR) based on linear programming in improving the nutritional status and inflammation on obese children aged 6 to 23 months Inge Permadhi
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