Message from the President

Widjaja Lukito, PhDYear 2014 marked a transition of Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation. Within office management, there were substantial changes in human resources, but the long-standing performance and credibility of the Foundation are kept intact complemented with best efforts to improve the quality of the Foundation’s deliberations. The current Scientific Members are more diverse in terms of their expertise, geographic and institutional representations, which should, in one way or another, increase the credibility of the Foundation’s scientific undertaking

Alignment Programs and Activities have been introduced as a new initiative of the Foundation. They should not limit to alignment in scientific resources within Danone Research and Development, but should also explore alignment with reputable academic and research institutions in Indonesia, aiming at reducing the potential duplication of scientific endeavor and improving scientific outcomes. In short-term, we aim to develop alignment research grant or closed grant with a theme relevant to the Foundation’s vision and missions.

At the same time, we have started, with good faith, implementing Good Management Practice within the Foundations. We start to consolidate the existing simple and scattered Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) and seek for collaborations with the available Danone Group’s systems in shaping the Foundation’s SOPs.

Finally, we are grateful for the supports and assistance provided by Danone Group, both in person and system, in sustaining the Foundation’s existence and credible performance. Supports and assistance by many experts and consultants in materalizing the Foundation’s dreams and hopes are valuable and appreciated.

Jakarta, May 2015
Widjaja Lukito
Chair, Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation

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