Competitive Research Grant For Doctorate Students


  1. New research proposal or on-going research activity as part of a research umbrella and/or stand alone study
  2. Meet the objectives and criteria of Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation (IDIF)
  3. Commit to produce a publishable manuscript for International journal within 6 months post final report
  4. Grantees must obtain ethical clearance from credible institution


  1. The awarded length of research is up to one year. Multi-year research can be considered
  2. The grantee must sign contract
  3. Commit to release data to become public domain three years after last financial disbursement
  4. The grantees must add the following sentence in the Acknowledgment section of any publication: “This study is fully/partly funded by the Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation”.
  5. The use of legal software is a must


  1. The applicant must be Indonesian citizen
  2. The applicant should be a registered doctorate student at universities in Indonesia
  3. The applicant should be the Principal Investigator (PI) for the research work
  4. The team should consist of PI, and at least one Advisor and research assistants (preferably student)


  1. Application form [please use the downloadable format only]
  2. Curriculum Vitae of PI (doctorate student), Advisor (Promoter) and other research team members, including list of publications within the last five years
  3. Recommendation Letter from the First Advisor (Promoter)
  4. Copy of Ethical clearance or proof of submission to the Ethical Committee. Please fill-out the downloadable form. Ethical clearance is mandatory before signing of agreement. In case the clearance is not approved, the award will be cancelled.
  5. Letter of the student’s status from the Dean
  6. For on-going research, a Statement Letter from the PI of the Umbrella research (stating that the proposed research is part of the Umbrella research and is not funded)
  7. Statement letter agreeing to submit at least one publishable manuscript (general format is AJCN-American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, otherwise should be in accordance to the requirement of the journal).
    Note: Grantee will be automatically eligible to get publication grant in international journal. However, a separate application is required. Please read on the section of PUBLICATION GRANT FOR IN INTERNATIONAL JOURNALSfor more information.
  8. Research proposal in English [please refer to section PROPOSAL FORMAT and use the downloadable form only].

Send HARDCOPY of your proposal to:
Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation
Cyber 2 Tower, 9th Floor
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Blok X-5 No. 13
Jakarta 12950 - Tel. 021 29961000 ext 5019
Send SOFTCOPY of your proposal to:

For independent review purposes, please BLIND all names, including logos & names of institutions Proposals that are not BLINDED will be returned!


The proposal will undergo several evaluation processes, which may take up to six months. Selected candidates will be invited to present their proposals in front of Scientific Members and External Reviewers.


The proposal must contain the following:

  1. Executive summary (limit to 1 page)
  2. Introduction
    • Rationale and originality
    • research questions
    • causal model (if necessary)
    • hypothesis
    • objectives
    • expected output
    • implications of the research (for researcher, institution, policy, scientific development)
  3. Literature review
    • research position to previous research and future scientific development,
    • critical reviews to support the research questions,
    • research roadmap,
    • conceptual framework
  4. Research design and method
    • research design
    • population, sample size and sampling procedure
    • variables and indicators
    • type of data and data collection method, including materials and instruments required, data management, quality control, data processing, data management, operational definitions. For an experimental study, explain how the intervention is to be delivered
    • data analysis (including laboratory and statistical analysis)
    • statement on ethical clearance (approved or in-process)
    • mechanism in complying to the ethical conduct (e.g. informed consent)
  5. Operational planning
    • Plan of actions and for time schedule use the following table.
    • Human resources (including the research team). Please mention the person in-charge (e.g. PI, Co-PI, Promoter) – NO NAME PLEASE! - for each activity and their time allocation; using the following table.
    • Budget. If not requesting full budget support, please disclose the existing research funding and the gap
    • Dissemination and utilization of the results
  6. References
  7. Appendices to the proposal
    • Detail Budget
    • Draft of Informed Consent (Please blind all names and institutions)

Please use standard margin, font 11, Times new roman, 1.5 space and limit your proposal to maximum of 20 pages (without the Appendices) and put page numbers on the left hand side of the proposal.


Components that could be funded include:

  1. Materials and supplies
  2. Equipment
  3. Data collection and analysis
  4. Salary and honorarium (not more than 30% of total budget)
  5. Travel cost
  6. Other expenditures (not more than 10% of the total budget)

Please provide details of all components, including volume, unit cost, and time of disbursement (i.e. during preparation, data collection/field work, analysis/report writing). Research budget could be multi-sources. Please identify the type of materials/supplies/equipments that are already available at your university/institution and those funded by other organization. No double funding will be allowed for the same activities or the same equipments. Please provide detail target/expected output of each budget sources.

If awarded, Grantee will have to make a new bank account and the money will be disbursed in several disbursement, depending on the type of research project, e.g. upon:

  1. Signing of the contract
  2. Approval of progress report, which include design, sampling, protocol, instrument; and budget report of the first disbursement, and
  3. Approval of final and budget reports, as well as submission of manuscript to international journal.
  4. Acceptance of the manuscript in international peer-review journal

The Grantee should keep a log book of daily activities as well as expenses. Original receipts from the vendor must be attached to the financial report.

Components that could not be funded are:

  1. Purchasing electronic equipment, such as but not limited to computer, printer, scanner, camera, soft ware, laboratory instruments
  2. Dissemination of research results (support from your institution is expected for this matter)
  3. Institutional fee

Detail explanation of the items in the budget:

  1. Material and supplies. It can be divided into sub component: office supplies, chemicals, and other materials
  2. Equipment. Describe investment needed (including name of equipment and its uses) and/or budget required for equipment rental (e.g. computer, printer, and camera). Please provide reference from competence institutions on unit cost for rental.
  3. Data collection. This may include: local travel, reward for respondent, specimen collection fee, transportation of the sampled materials, house rental, daily allowance, and health and accident insurance coverage for team members during data collection period. Please provide reference from competence institutions on unit cost for data collection (e.g. taking blood samples, nutrient analysis) and insurance price.
  4. Salary and honorarium should be not more than 30% of total budget. Salary allocation should be provided only for the advisor and research assistant (if any). State the name of the person who will receive the salary, volume (man month, man days, etc), unit cost and total salary. English translation and editing can also be funded. Please provide reference from competence institution regarding salary and language purposes.
  5. Travel cost excluding local travel cost. This includes per diem rate and transportation for supervisor. The current government (Kementerian Keuangan) standard will be used.
  6. Other expenditures cannot be more than 10% of the total budget. Eligible expenses include: administration (e.g. study permit fee), communication (correspondence, including internet, voucher, telephone, and fax), maintenance/reparation of equipment, literature review.


IDIF will monitor the conduct of the research by field visit. An expert will be appointed as Evaluator.


During the period that you are supported by IDIF, you have to submit several reports, depending on the agreement (please use the downloadable format only for progress and financial report). The report must be written in English and acknowledged by the advisor (for Doctorate research). The submission and acceptance of the reports will influence the next financial disbursement. The financial report shall consist of tables showing comparison of planned vs. actual expenses. Original receipts from vendors should be attached and systematically numbered.

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