Alignment Workshop 2015

2015 Workshops

  • Early Life Nutrition (*SUMMIT Study). Intergrating Basic Science and Epidemiology

    • Alignment dialogue : January 8th, 2015
    • Workshop on Early Life Nutrition hosted by Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology, Jakarta (February, 2015)


    • Prenatal exposures, such as placental function and maternal over- or under-nutrition, may be associated with an increased risk of chronic diseases in the offspring, either as a child or adult.
    • Alterations in nutritional, metabolic, immune and hormonal milieu in-utero can have profound long-term effects on offspring

    * SUMMIT: Supplementation with Multiple Micronutrients Intervention Trial

  • HYDRATION FOR HEALTH (**IHWG)Pre-Congress Workshop: Indonesian Perspectives on Hydration and Nutrition

    • Date and place: 30 June 2015/ Evian, France
    • Host and co-host: IHWG - Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation
    • Purposes:
      • Introducing IHWG programs which have been held or ongoing related to hydration and health from every participants from Indonesia
      • Introducing the next IHWG activities related with 1st H4H (Hydration for Health) Indonesia in Jakarta, October 2015
      • Sharing ideas and update information about hydration and health so as to create a positive collaboration

    ** IHWG: Indonesian Hydration Working Group

  • Workshop on Lactose Nutrition: the diagnostic and health policy legitimacy of lactose intolerance

    The Foundation with its scientific partners, the Food and Nutrition Society of Indonesia and the Indonesian Scientific Society for Probiotics and Prebiotics conducted a one-day Workshop on Lactose Nutrition: the Diagnostic and Health Policy Legitimacy of Lactose Intolerance’. The workshop was held on Saturday, August 8th 2015 at Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta, Indonesia. There were 38 participants from varied academic and research institutions, government agencies (Ministry of Health) and relevant health professional organizations.

    The objectives of the workshop were:

    1. to update the cutting-edge knowledge and provide current understandings on the dimension of Lactose Nutrition;
    2. to identify research gaps in Lactose Nutrition and recommend strategic approaches built on current evidence; and
    3. to develop a networking forum on Lactose Nutrition for effective collaboration amongst stakeholders.

    The results from this workshop were:

    1. conducting a study on prevalence of acute GI symptoms with serving of dairy intake in various group (ethnic, dietary pattern, region, age) in Indonesia;
    2. doing the literature review of mechanism of lactose and calcium absorption, SCFA (acetic acid and butyric acid) and linear growth. The proceeding of this workshop were published in Special Issue of the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 24, Supplement 1, December 2015.
      Asia Pacific Journal of Nutrition
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