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Danone Institute International Congress 2015

The 3rd Global Summit on the Health Effect of Yogurt

3rd Yogurt Global Summit

The 3rd Global Summit on the Health Effect of Yogurt on March 28th, 2015 in Boston, USA held by Danone Institute International with its partners (American Society for Nutrition and International Osteoporosis Foundation). The 3rd yogurt summit had the mission and visions. The mission is to advance scientific knowledge on the health benefits of yogurt and disseminate broadly this information; and for the visions are to identify and review existing science on health benefits of yogurt, promote scientific research on the health benefits of yogurt, and disseminate knowledge on health benefits of yogurt.

In this event the main speakers conclusions were:

  1. The evidence is suggestive that yogurt as part of a weight maintenance or weight loss program will have a benefit;
  2. Cross-sectional and cohort studies almost all show a positive association of yogurt and weight/fat providing correlation;
  3. On a population health basis, even a modest weight loss will produce large economic gain for society;
  4. Yogurt consumption is the signature of a healthy lifestyle. First Global Summit on the Health Effects of Yogurt already submitted as supplement to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
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