About Danone Institute

Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation (IDIF) is one of 18 Danone Institutes worldwide. Danone Institutes are not-for-profit organizations, with mission to develop and disseminate scientific knowledge on diet and nutrition to benefit public health. The first Danone Institute was established in 1991 in France. For the past 20 years, Danone Institutes have been active in research support, education, and training addressing local nutrition issues. To date, the international network has funded 950 research projects, distributed 20 million euro in grants, distributed 15 regular newsletters, supported 100 publications, organized 200 scientific conferences and trainings, and developed 70 education programs for the general public. For more information, please visit Danone Institute International.

IDIF was legally established as Yayasan Institut Danone Indonesia in May 4, 2007. IDIF is a non-profit foundation, independent from Danone business units. Senior scientists from reputable universities and government institution are part of its Scientific Members.

Experts from various disciplines are part of IDIF's network. IDIF's mission is to develop knowledge on the links between nutrition, diet and health, and disseminate that knowledge to the public. The deliberations of IDIF's mission are through:

  1. Promote research in nutrition

  2. Gather scientists in dietary and nutritional studies, including health and education professionals with special interests in diet and nutrition related issues

  3. Serve as a clearing house for nutrition and diet related information

Since its establishment in 2007, the Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation has published 94 publications, disseminated results in 50 scientific seminars, and generated 44 complementary reports.

The publications include articles published in national and international journals, book, dissertations, and research reports. Participation in seminars included oral and poster presentations at national and international level, and the complementary reports included those for D3 up to S3 levels and staff research.

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