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Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation (IDIF) was legally established on May 4th, 2007 as Yayasan Institut DANONE Indonesia. IDIF is a non-profit foundation, independent from DANONE business units. Our objectives are to encourage the established research institutions pursuing new scientific findings, to reduce funding barriers for talented scholars in pursuing graduate studies and to encourage good quality research, and to promote publications of quality research in relevant international peer-reviewed journals.

Several activities had been done in 2015, the achievement gained by the Foundation are: First, Workshop on Lactose Nutrition: the Diagnostic and Health Policy Legitimacy of Lactose Intolerance in Jakarta, Indonesia. In this workshop, the Foundation gathered the national and international experts and stakeholders to identify solutions to various food and nutritional issues in Indonesia, such as dairy lactose consumption. The proceeding of this workshop was published in Special Issue of the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This activity aligned with Danone International new initiative which is The Yogurt in Nutrition.

The second achievement had been done by the Foundation was Strategic Planning. This is the first Strategic Planning since the Foundation was established. The Strategic Planning is needed as a guide for the management to signify the contribution of the Foundation on the improvement of national nutrition profiles.

Based on audit report year 2014, there is an issue about the number of outstanding grantees in 2009 - 2012. Until 2015, the numbers of outstanding grantees during 2009 - 2012 were still high because they did not complete their research and/or publication. Most of them happened due to the difficulties to publish their manuscripts to the International Journal. Therefore, in 2015, the Foundation gave more focus on finalizing the contract agreement of the outstanding grantees by proposing an addendum and statement letter to extend their time to continue the completion of the responsibilities of the grantees to finalize their research findings in international peer-reviewed journals.

Thus, for the grantees 2014 onward we used Microsoft Project Pro 2013 to give more detailed results in order to monitor the progress report of research and to avoid such cases in the previous year.

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